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Stage 3

Stage 3 of the SEMP Project for Linux is to visit each school and see that linux is installed in the CLC's

There is alltogether 1000 CLC schools in Sri Lanka and our plan is to visit 500 schools in the next year. Spending 2-3 days in each school.

We are planing to put a 16 man team together, and travel from school to school, seeing to it, that Teachers and School kids who like to be in the Linux world are inspired to use the Linux alternative.

This project has several phases to it and the results we expect from this project are several.

Some of the results we expect:

  • Setup several school LUG's
  • In the major towns setup Linux Centers that will function as community centers for Free and Open Source Software.
  • Generate a vibrant group of young people to join in our country wide effort.
  • Management
    The Linux Center